Fundana was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1993 as one of the first independent Swiss institutions fully dedicated to alternative investments.

It was instrumental in the creation of the first Fund of Hedge Funds of Swiss jurisdiction.

To this day, the founding partner is still involved in the daily management of the company.

Fundana plays an active role in shaping the future of the alternatives industry, as a member of the following association:

SFAMA: Alternative Expert Committee Member

Our History.


Fundana was founded to advise large international Swiss banks and pension funds. Advisor to a Long/Short Equity Fund of Hedge Funds.


Fundana advises on the launch of the first Fund of Hedge Funds of Swiss jurisdiction.


Advisor to a Multi-Strategy Fund of Hedge Funds.


Funds advised by Fundana had no gates, no suspension of redemptions and no Madoff.


Fundana becomes an authorized Asset Manager of Collective Investments regulated by FINMA.

Fundana received awards for the Funds it managed or advised: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

Core Expertise

Our core expertise is in Hedge Funds, specifically in directional strategies such as Long/Short Equity or Event Driven. We strongly believe that even if these strategies are highly correlated with equity markets, it is an efficient way to optimize an equity allocation by getting equity returns but with significantly reduced volatility and drawdowns.

As one of our managers once said when asked why you should invest in Long/Short Equity: “Because life is too short to be just long!”

In addition, we address our clients’ needs by drawing upon a wealth of experience in structuring customized hedge fund portfolios. For multi-strategies mandates, we also recommend non-directional strategies such as Macro and CTAs.


Fundana has a long history and experience in the Fund of Hedge Funds industry. Perhaps the most important lesson we have learned over the years is that “to finish first, you must first finish.”

As a result, our experience is based on avoiding anything that could cause unrecoverable drawdowns. Thus, we do not invest in strategies which we do not understand, cannot monitor in detail, or which use excessive leverage.

Risk Management

Fundana’s risk management approach is best summarized by Benjamin Graham when he said that “the essence of investment management is the management of risk, not of returns” . While good risk measurement is important to calibrate a portfolio’s risk profile, the management of risk is essential for long-term performance. This method of risk management may require contrarian actions, such as redeeming from a manager when everyone else is subscribing.

Advisory Services

Fundana advises fund management companies, large international banks, cantonal banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and independent asset managers. We have built a longstanding solid relationship with each of our clients through our constant interaction and ability to listen to their needs. Our unique approach enables the building of innovative and tailor-made Fund of Hedge Funds solutions.


We aim to provide as much transparency as possible to our clients. We operate an open-door policy for those who choose to partner with us so we are always available to answer any questions our clients may have.